As a collaborative movement Topspot initiates community responsibility for farmers. After all whatever be your belief, Food is a truth. Without which we no longer belong. Getting people to food comes next. Those who are into food is always

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“CSA” stands for “community supported agriculture” though this definition is quite broad. There are many ways to support community agriculture i.e. shopping at farmer’s markets, local markets or directly with nearby farmers. But because we all lead busy lives and have become accustomed to our food being delivered or shopped for us, a “CSA” has become synonymous with a once-aweek or biweekly box full of local fruits and veggies that are in season delivered to your door.

Each CSA looks a little bit different. Some don’t deliver right to your door but you have to pick them up. Others feed 2 people, while some are built to feed a full family. Some pick all of the fruits and veggies for you, while others allow you to pick and choose options. It entirely depends on where you’re ordering from. What should be consistent is that your box is full of produce from local farmers, though everyone has a different definition of what “local” means.

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